How Much Does “You Are Not My Personal Type” Mean?

Dudes are usually clear-cut whenever they communicate. They don’t really usually play the role of cryptic or chat “around” a topic. They may be all company and reason, therefore if they’re not sleeping, they’ve been most likely just telling it want it is. Never try to find plenty of subtext amongst the traces because there most likely isn’t.

If he states you aren’t their type but he is nevertheless curious, go on it at par value. He more than likely is trying to declare that he is not often attracted to really serious, brainy ladies, but there is simply some thing about you that intrigues him.

If he’s merely thinking about gender, the guy most likely won’t point out you’re not their type, as that will work against his game. He’s going to either lay-on the charm as well as the old familiar contours, or he will say that you two should get together for some enjoyable at some point.

He will state you’re “hot” rather than suggesting you are very. He’ll eyeball you top to bottom like an ice-cream sundae, and he’ll move around in close in an aggressive versus tender way. You’re a lady, very make use of your intuition. You know exactly what he is really enthusiastic about, one-way or perhaps the various other.